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Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Oakland, CA

Durable, stylish, and sturdy luxury vinyl flooring makes for attractive options for time-stretched homeowners. Offering realistic hardwood and stone styles minus the hassles, luxury vinyl flooring is easy to care for, heavy-wearing, and long-lasting.


At Dick’s Carpet One Floor & Home of Oakland, CA, we’re here to help you find easy solutions for everyday challenges. We carry an expansive inventory of luxury vinyl tile and plank, so you’re sure to find the perfect addition for every style and budget.

Types of Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is sold in a variety of formats. Sheet vinyl, vinyl plank, and vinyl tile are among the most prevalent options. The most affordable choice is sheet vinyl. Sold by the roll, sheet vinyl can be used to cover larger areas. Property managers, for this the reason, prefer it.


Sold in convenient rolls, sheet vinyl is easy to install and can be applied with minimal seams. It is very affordable, yet its advanced digital imaging makes for highly convincing visuals. Sheet vinyl is available in assorted styles and colors, including those made to capture the look of actual hardwood, tile, or stone. It resists moisture, stains, and spills.


Luxury vinyl plank comes equipped with all the lengths and dimensions of actual hardwood, making it easy to customize your look. From classics to modern options, this stalwart flooring can readily be found in your favorite style. It is made to withstand splashes and spills, and it won’t easily become dented in the event of an impromptu furniture re-arrangement. Even extreme humidity or cold are no match for this high performer. While you’d expect such a floor to be cold and inhospitable, luxury vinyl is quite warm and comforting underneath your feet.


We think there’s much to love about luxury vinyl tile, or LVT. It works perfectly for all types of interior spaces. However, LVT is both water resistant and slip resistant, so it’s a particularly enticing addition to the kitchen or bathroom, a finished basement, a laundry room, or a front entryway.



As the years roll on, you’ll be pleased to find that LVT is cost-efficient when compared to more traditional tile. Damaged tiles can readily be replaced individually, making LVT a good pick for spaces that get l foot traffic. Property managers are fans of its affordability- so this type of flooring is often called for renovating rental properties. At the same time, this flooring has a high-end appearance, so few would suspect that it’s manufactured flooring.


Is Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?

Although all luxury vinyl is made to resist moisture, only a select few are truly waterproof. The main distinction of waterproof products is their watertight core. Select options are further equipped with a cork backing. The result is a flooring that effectively prevents spills from children or pets from making their way to your subfloor and causing significant damages.


Waterproof luxury vinyl is truly a game-change. Creating a trustworthy barrier between life and your subfloor, moisture is effectively trapped at the surface of this formidable floor. Waterproof luxury vinyl options include WPC and rigid core floors.


Luxury vinyl flooring comes in different forms and styles, including realistic-appearing planks and tiles. It’s always wise to go waterproof in your kitchen or bathroom, but these stunning and trend-conscious styles will easily work in your living room, bedroom, or board room as well.


Vinyl Flooring Installation

Luxury vinyl flooring is designed to be used anywhere under your roof. Choose a waterproof product for the bathroom or kitchen. There are hundreds of choices to consider. A glossy, wide plank can add a touch of affluence to a formal living room, while glossy marbled tile can effectively adorn your dining room.


Whether it’s for your home or for your business, your new vinyl floors are a serious investment. Did you know that, for better or for worse, the condition of your floors can have serious impact on your property value?


Often it is tempting to try and conserve funds by attempting this project on your own. The great news is that today’s luxury vinyl flooring options are extremely easy to install. Indeed, there are planks and tiles that simply click together, no glue required.


Certain types of luxury vinyl floors, such as sheet vinyl, needs to be directly glued to the subfloor, creating a permanent bond. While its possible to successfully navigate the process on our own, with a little patience, we’re more than happy to help when it’s needed. With the area’s finest flooring professionals, our installation team has passion for perfection, and all the right tools to finish that floor with finesse.


Our Luxury Vinyl Selection

With an ever-growing inventory of luxury vinyl products, Dick’s Carpet One Floor & Home can help you give your space a bold look. We carry all the leading vinyl brands and Carpet One Floor & Home exclusive brands you won’t find anywhere else. To learn more about luxury vinyl flooring or to browse our latest product displays, stop by and visit us at 36 Hegenberger Court in Oakland, CA today or give us a call to schedule a FREE onsite project estimate. You can also shop our vinyl flooring online.





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Caring for Vinyl Flooring

Made to stay pristine in almost any environment,

today’s vinyl is easy to care for and always in style.