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Kid-Friendly Flooring

Kid-Friendly Flooring


From craft time to snack time, days spent with the kids can get pretty messy, but we wouldn’t trade the lifetime memories for all the world. For those seeking to install new flooring, our children’s untidy tendencies can be a concern. But don’t worry: we’ve always got you covered at Dick’s Carpet One Floor & Home. With our ever-expanding array of durable, easy-to-clean options, including waterproof luxury vinyl plank and tile, and stain-resistant carpeting, you’ll never have to give up on your style vision. Call us today to learn more.





What is the Best Flooring for Children?


There are a lot of boxes to check when it comes to finding the best flooring for kids. Your floor not only needs to be easy to care for and able to handle the daily deluge of spilled food, messy shoes, and crafts gone awry, but also needs to be safe and hypoallergenic. We carry an excellent range of family-friendly options for every taste, budget, and space, including top choices like carpet, luxury vinyl, and hardwood. No matter what type of surface you choose for your home, we have stylish products that are both beautiful and kid-friendly – so there’s no need to sacrifice aesthetics for function.






Carpet is a soft, cozy, and warm kid-friendly flooring choice.

It offers more protection in a fall than hard-surface floors,

and it provides extra noise-absorption to promote a quiet

and calm environment to live and thrive in. We have stain-resistant

and even waterproof carpets that are easy to clean and care for.

We also have carpet tiles, which are excellent for playrooms

because each carpet square can easily be replaced if it’s stained

or damaged. Additionally, both our wool and waterproof collections

are hypoallergenic as they inhibit the growth of allergens and mildew.

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Luxury Vinyl


Our luxury vinyl products gorgeously replicate the appearance of natural wood flooring, tile, and stone without the cost and upkeep. We offer both moisture-resistant and completely waterproof LV selections that are ultra stain-resistant and easy to care for. Luxury vinyl surfaces are inherently hypoallergenic, and we carry low VOC emitting products. You can also choose options that have a cushioned core or antimicrobial cork underlayment, which adds noise control, softness underfoot, and warmth.






Many families love the look of real hardwood in their homes,

but worry about stains, moisture-damage, and daily wear

and tear ruining their investment. We offer several innovative,

genuine hardwood products that are perfect for active families

with children and pets. This includes our Hydrotek waterproof

hardwood collection, which features premium cuts of maple,

hickory, oak, walnut, and more, overlaying a waterproof vinyl sublayer.

We also have engineered hardwood, which is made

from laminated layers of 100% natural wood throughout.

The layered construction creates structural stability and

resists warping when exposed to humidity and spills –

and you can choose a stain-fighting, water-repellent finish on top.

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Ideas and Inspiration for Kid Friendly Spaces



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Kid-Friendly Design Ideas

Creating a kid-friendly home doesn’t end with the floor.

Here are 10 tips for designing a beautiful space for your

children to roam and grow.




Bedroom Zones for Children

In addition to kid-friendly flooring and design tips,

learn about the benefits of creating separate zones

in your child’s room for sleeping, playing, studying,

and more.




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